Tuesday, June 21, 2016, 6:56 PM

Do you ever have those moment where you just stop and think, "いちにねんだけ?"

It's so different now than when I was still with あま.

今はあたしだけ。I only trust myself.

Back then, ぜんぶまっくろ。 でも今はあたしだけ、あたしはjぶんのひかり。

好き。きらい。どちも feels all the same to me.

I've been looking at this blog for years now. Wanting to write things, to say things, to remember things I keep forgetting. I know it's not safe though.

I've made it work.
I keep shutting my eyes, hoping I'll forget about all I've seen, and I'll move on and learn there are better things out there.

It's hard when they were my favourite things though.

空 if you still read these posts, still keep these silly things around, I hope you know why people left you.
I hope you know now why our loyalty to you faded and know that I'm still the honest person I was when we met, but you aren't anymore.

I've made it work. I've had my regrets. You aren't one of them.